sumitomo excavator swing bearing from china

sumitomo excavator swing bearing from china
sumitomo excavator swing bearing from chinasumitomo excavator swing bearing from chinasumitomo excavator swing bearing from china
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sumitomo excavator swing bearing
Manufacture and export Slewing Bearing for Excavator 
Many kinds of excavator slewing bearings for world famous brand company are provided in Changsha Great Construction Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd.
(Komatsu Excavator slewing bearing) 
PC60-6(Z=76) PC100-5 PC20HT PC220-3 PC220-6(S6D95) PC300-2 PC400-3 
PC60-6(Z=80) PC120-5 PC200-1 PC220-5 PC220-6(S6D102) PC300-3 PC400-5 
PC60-7(Z=76) PC120-6(4D95) PC200-2 PC200-6(S6D95) PC200-7(1)(Z110) PC300-5 PC400-6 
PC60-7(Z=80) PC120-6(4D102) PC200-3 PC200-6(S6D102)(1) PC200-7(2)(Z=92) PC300-6 PC450 
PC90-6 PC150-5 PC200-5 PC200-6(S6D102)(2) PC220-7 PC400-1 

(Hitachi Excavator slewing bearing) 
EX60-1 EX90 EX120-3 EX200-3 ZX200 EX300-2 
EX60-2 EX100-1 EX120-5 EX200-5 ZX230 EX300-3 
EX60-3 EX120-1 EX200-1 EX210-5 ZX240 
EX60-4 EX120-2 EX200-2 ZX120 EX300-1 

(Cartpillar Excavator slewing bearing) 
E200B CAT215B CAT320B CAT320L CAT325C 
CAT215 CAT225 CAT320C CAT325 

(Kobelco Excavator slewing bearing) 
SK07-1 SK07-1-N2(thick) SK03 SK907B SK120-5 SK200-2 SK200-5 
SK07-2 SK07-N2(thin) SK09 SK100 SK200-1 SK200-3 SK200-6 

(Kato Excavator slewing bearing) 
HD250-7 HD450-7 HD100 HD700-5 HD770SE HD770-2 HD820-1 
HD450-5 HD516 HD700-2 HD700-7 HD770-1 HD800-7 HD900-7 

(Sumitomo Excavator slewing bearing) 
SH120A3 SH200A2 SH200C3 SH280 SH340 SH430 
SH200A1 SH200A3 SH260 SH300 SH350 SH40T 

(Doosan Excavator slewing bearing) 
DH55 DH220-3 DH10L DH290 DH320 
DH200-3 DH220-5 DH280 DH300-5 DH330-3 

(Hyundai Excavator slewing bearing) 
R60-5 R130-5 R200 R215-7 R225-7 
R60-7 R130-7 R210-3 R220-5 R300 

(Samsung Excavator slewing bearing) 
PS132 PS210 MX08-2 PS292